Don’t Be That Person: Top 5 Reasons To Work With TrueAccord

By on June 25th, 2013 in Industry Insights
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Google “debt collection”. Try it. What did you find?

Being in debt isn’t fun. Whether you’re unhappy with a service you got, simply forgot or just can’t afford it, getting a notice isn’t a high moment or a pleasant one. Still, when you read online resources, it seems like you have to gear up for war and do anything to find fault in the debt collector’s process, and maybe even sue.

The only problem? This advice helps one type of people – the lawyers who provide it, hoping to get a case. You will still have a debt on your name that may impact you negatively. Is fighting back always the best answer? Definitely no. Even if you’re highly frustrated, understanding what’s going on is important to get to a resolution that’s good for the long term. TrueAccord was started to help people in debt, not make them feel compromised, but the frustration comes with the territory. We understand. That’s why we want to help you undertand your options.

If your first response is to deny and attack or try to disengage when you get your first debt notice, listen up: here are five reasons why listening to TrueAccord and working with us works in your favor.

  1. Not paying because you are unhappy with the service or product you got? We can help. We are not interested in collecting on debts that stem from disputed exchanges. We have a great record of helping debtors get heard by their creditors, and in some cases getting their claims recognized. Even if you think you tried everything, you haven’t tried us.
  2. Unsure why you owe money? Don’t disregard it. Ask for clarification. TrueAccord follows due process in providing you information about your debt. We will work to make sure you get the information you are eligible for; once you do, dealing with the debt is much easier.
  3. Unattended debts may incur interest, but we can help stop that. In many terms of service you’ve agreed to online exist paragraphs that make it possible to charge you interest for the time the debt has been outstanding. By working through debt payments with us, we can often waive that interest. We’re here to help you succeed, not pull you down with fees.
  4. Can’t pay now? We handle multiple payment options. We’ve worked with debtors on delayed payments, discounted settlements and payment plans because we recognize every person  is different.
  5. It’s the right thing to do. Don’t scoff. We’re in this business because we think it needs a shot of good intentions, but that goes both ways. Don’t be THAT person: we appreciate the English language as much as you do, but profanity gets no-one nowhere. Work with us, and we’ll get this done in no time.

Debts are no joke, and not something to ignore. Own your debt or it will own you. We want to be your partners, and we are here to help.