What many won’t talk about: getting paid for work you already did is sometimes the hardest part

By on June 27th, 2013 in Industry Insights
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Cash flow is the life line of any business, but it’s especially felt at small businesses. Delaying one large payment could mean going out of business. Delaying several small ones can mean a significant dent in your financials, and in your ability to provide for yourself. Until now, businesses had one of two options: either spend precious time dealing with this issue themselves, or see most of their income spent on fees for third parties – a lose:lose situation. We want to offer you a third, winning one: TrueAccord.

Payment delays or cancellations happen for many reasons. A lot of times there’s a disagreement about a service or product provided that drives customers to withhold or reverse a payment. Some are actually insolvent and can’t pay. Finally, some people are just THAT person and have bad payment ethics – if they plan to pay at all.

A customer arbitrarily deciding not to pay can be an infuriating experience with grave financial consequences. Dealing with it takes a lot of time and raises questions you must answer: How far will you go in getting paid? Is this the best use of your time? Are you willing to lose this customer? How can this be solved efficiently? You don’t want to lose a customer but you need to get paid.

Most business owners deal with this problem on their own, spending expensive human hours. There are few alternatives out there. Collection agencies won’t touch most of these receivables – your portfolio or outstanding amounts are too small. You should be ready to get only 50% of whatever they collect for you and be willing to lose the customer due to their practices. This is hardly cost effective for a business with debts that are critical for its existence.

That’s where we step in. TrueAccord is an easy, friendly and accessible service that finds your customers, interacts with them respectfully, and lets them pay what they owe you in a flexible manner. If they have a dispute with you, we help you settle that. All for a much lower fee than any other company and without expecting you to lose your customer. We’ve been able to return impressive numbers of debtors back to good standing with their service providers for a continued fruitful relationship.

What we specifically don’t do is set terms. You don’t need to go through a process before handing us the work. You don’t need to have a certain kind of portfolio. We have the ability to help every small business get paid – and we only get paid when you do.

We’d love to help you. Come grow with us.

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