(Video) Learning from TrueAccord’s Experimentation Framework

By on March 8th, 2018 in Industry Insights
TrueAccord Blog

Our Senior Product Manager, Julie Hughes, gave a talk about TrueAccord’s product and experimentation approach at the FinTech Devs & PMs meetup. Here’s what the host had to say about the talk:

TrueAccord talked about how they are modernizing and humanizing the debt collection industry. For consumers this means instead of harassing phone calls from agents, you get a web form that allows you to control your repayment scheme by adjusting the term of the payback and scheduling auto-drafts when you know you’ll have the money, such as on a payday. For businesses, this results in higher collection rates without compromising your brand by turning over charged off accounts to sometimes predatory collection agencies. In particular, TrueAccord did a deep dive on how their scheduled payment feature allowed users to avoid overdrafts and help retire their past due accounts faster.

You can watch the video below.

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