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By on December 11th, 2018 in Industry Insights
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Written by our Principal Engineer, Lev Waisberg

5 months ago I joined TrueAccord, a Series-B FinTech Startup with ~120 diverse employees that is focused on changing the Debt Collection industry with emphasis on helping people get out of their debt.

I’ve joined as Principal Engineer to a small, energized Engineering Group in the middle of a process of expansion (~10 people since I joined) with many important and exciting engineering projects happening all around.

I’ve also joined the company while having a 6-month pregnant wife at home, expecting my first born baby. So I was being very careful choosing a new workplace that will suit my needs during such a meaningful and exciting life-event.

I’m so happy I made the right choice.

From the moment I joined, I’ve been exposed to other parents and parents-to-be, going through their employment with the company and seeing the support and respect the company has for parenthood. For example, it was great to see we have a lactation room for the new moms in need.

When needed to go on pregnancy-related medical appointments or birth classes, I got the support I needed.

When time got close to birth, my manager discussed how I would like to use the generous 12-weeks paternity leave (competitive with big companies in the Valley like Google and Facebook). When I said I’ll probably take 2 weeks right away and save the rest for later next year, I got his full support with a simple request: “Just text me when you think it’s coming, I’ll handle the rest”.

As contractions started, I slacked my manager with the following simple message, and got the following response:

Later on, looking at our #eng channel, I saw the following:

And got flooded with love and congratulation messages:

Transitioning back to work was as smooth as I can ever expect – giving me time to adjust, to ramp up and to consume the amount of coffee needed.

When discussing my paternity leave and requesting to book a flight to my homeland (Israel) with my newborn, I got all the support and approval one could expect.

And lastly, my wonderful peers have been as excited to take a glimpse of my baby pictures as they are to receive my professional advice.

It’s now been a month since my baby girl was born and I decided to write this blog, why you might ask?

First, to say THANK YOU to TrueAccord, for being an ideal work-place for new parents and giving me all the support I could’ve asked for.

Second, so maybe, just maybe, the next kick-ass TrueAccordian is reading this right now and get another reason to join our awesome team.

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