I’m Excited to Join the CFPB’s Consumer Advisory Board.

By on July 7th, 2017 in Company News
TrueAccord Blog

I’m honored and excited to have been appointed to the CFPB’s Consumer Advisory Board. With this appointment, the CFPB is sending a strong message about how it views technology’s role in shaping the future of consumer finance in general, and debt collection in particular. I’m proud to be able to represent the industry’s point of view while making sure we usher in a new era of great user experience and technology innovation.

When we founded TrueAccord in 2013, we set set a goal for ourselves – to go to Washington and influence policy making in the debt collection space. Ever since then, we engaged with the CFPB in various ways: quarterly meetings through Project Catalyst, participating in the SBREFA panel for the proposed debt collection rule, and even potential data exchange. We view policy making that enables better debt collections as our mission, and this appointment is just another step in the process.

This appointment isn’t about me, when I attend these meetings I will represent the industry, TrueAccord, its team and our consumers. I will take as very seriously, like we all take our mission. This could not have happened without the TrueAccord team’s hard work and laser focus on making a difference.