TrueAccord’s 2015 Website Redesign

By on August 13th, 2015 in Product and Technology, User Experience
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Earlier this month, we launched the fourth redesign of the TrueAccord website. While brainstorming, the team agreed that the new design would address two primary goals: (1) align with the sales team’s pitch to potential clients and (2) continued iteration and refinement of the TrueAccord brand.

Improvements to the site’s content brings client stories, detailed product solutions, details of how we can work for specific industries, a focus on compliance and technology, as well continued access to our white papers, webinars and blog. Additionally, the design is moving away from a strictly corporate look and feel towards a more modern and approachable look; we’ve also lightened up our palette and an injected some SF pride.

To improve performance, readability and rendering on smaller screens we changed the typeface from the Proxima Nova to Source Sans Pro


For a better sense of where we’re at today, here’s some history on how our site has changed over the last two years.

In 2013, we launched the first redesign with a goal of improving brand perception. We felt that customers arriving at the original site didn’t feel confident about interacting with TrueAccord. This made a design that incorporated a friendly look and feel paramount. In addition to casual and welcoming copy, bright colors and the rounder typography of Proxima Nova Soft were put in place to create a warmer, open experience.


As we began attracting larger business clients in 2014, we began to steer design and content towards a more business-centric client. Gone was the friendly consumer copy and the emphasis on openness. We started moving towards a more corporate color palette, using dark blues and grays. The web copy focused heavily on businesses looking for recovery solutions. TrueAccord’s content strategy included producing more white papers and e-books to appeal to the debt collections industry. The design catered to the needs of business-centric clients, particularly how they might find and interact with the site’s content.


Later that same year, we iterated again to solidify our business focused direction. Branding colors were kept in place, but we moved to a cleaner more geometric typeface – Proxima Nova Soft to Proxima Nova. Our previous use of hand drawn illustrations was minimized as we moved towards a cleaner, more modern scheme.


The latest redesign is the best to date and we’re looking forward to refining the site to provide the best user experience in the collections industry.