Come meet us at DCS! Two sessions and many people on the ground…

By on August 15th, 2018 in Industry Insights
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This year at DCS we’ll be moderating or presenting in two sessions.

Understanding What Consumers Want
The consumer market is shifting. Where each of us once had one landline at home, we now all have cell phones and lap tops. Communication preferences have shifted tremendously. Join a roundtable to hear from peers about identifying consumer needs and how to respond to them in an ever changing technology and regulatory environment.

Strategic Implementation of Machine Learning and AI in Your Collection Operations
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence hold a huge promise for the ARM industry. Are they all they are made out to be? Will AI be the job killer some fear it will be? Hear about strategies and tips for implementing ML and AI in a human decision-heavy market like ARM, how to integrate those technologies to create real leverage, and how to combine ML/AI with your collections staff.

Check out the sessions and email our team at if you want to meet.