More disturbing phone call trends in this report from Hiya.

By on February 4th, 2019 in Industry Insights
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A new report from Hiya, a call blocking app, is out and it is grim.

The company says:

As our phones continue to be inundated by robocalls, many people no longer want to pick up the phone at all. Unfortunately, this has led to important calls being missed, such as those from your doctor, your child’s school, the bank, and others. In Hiya’s first State of the Call report, we provide insight into how Americans use their mobile phones on a monthly basis given the rise in robocalls. For example, we discovered that only 52 percent of calls Americans receive on their phones are picked up, which also means that almost half of calls are unanswered. Key findings from the analysis, include phone call behavior, call pick-up rates, call duration, and top business industries calling mobile phones.

The report, which can be found here, goes on to elaborate:

  • 70% of calls that are “saved in contacts” are picked up
  • 53% of calls identified as a business are picked up
  • 38% of calls that are “not saved to contacts” are picked up
  • 24% of calls that are not identified are picked up
  • 9% of calls identified as spam are picked up

What do these numbers mean for your call and collect strategy? Our clients are calling it a “crisis”. What does your data say?