TrueAccord Releases The Buyer’s Guide to Digital Debt Collections Solutions

By on November 27th, 2020 in Industry Insights
TrueAccord Blog

TrueAccord released Ten Critical Questions: The Buyer’s Guide to Digital Debt Collections Solutions. The ebook is the definitive guidebook for organizations looking to jumpstart their digital debt collection journey. 

“We wrote this book to distill what we’ve learned after many years in the industry,” said Sheila Monroe, TrueAccord Corp. CEO. “There’s no question that digital-first debt collection delivers superior results for creditors and a better experience for consumers. But not all solutions are created equal.” 

The Buyer’s Guide starts with four key trends that explain why digital debt collection is the wave of the future. It then lays out the critical questions that organizations should ask before entering into a partnership with a digital debt collection vendor. 

The ebook equips potential buyers with benchmark data and insights into key questions like:

  • What channels do you use to reach consumers?
  • Do you use advanced technology like machine learning? If so, how?
  • What percentage of customers resolve their debt through self-service, without any human interaction? 
  • On average, how many accounts does each agent handle?

“Ultimately, our goal is to give collections and recovery professionals the tools they need to navigate a complex landscape and select the best digital collections solution for their organization – and their consumers,” said Monroe. 

Download the ebook today to learn more.